Since childhood I have had the privilege to be acquainted with the grace of things - things that are well thought-through, well designed, and well made. 

I later made a career in design industry for home textiles, interior, fashion and accessory design; that part of me is still inspiring me to create a line of goods that embody the goodness in things we rely on in our daily life. I am grateful for them, and I want to give back what I have been benefitted from.

I am passionate about the integrity of the materials. In this physical dimension, we are what we eat, drink, use, wear, drive, live in and having fun with. Everything comes from something somewhere somehow. I appreciate every part that makes up the whole. I would love to be more aware of where each part comes from, and how much of integrity I can observe from it. I would love things to have a purpose. However a short life this particular thing has, I would like it to work like magic till the last nano second of that life, and the "body" of that thing can be fully reused, recycled into new things to come. That's the integrity I see in a good design. 

My bar has been raised since I get to understand Nature, through the meaning of true well-being, and the wisdom of our ancestors regarding the cycle of life and how to live in harmony with Nature. Now I am drawn to natural-dyed fabric and simple hand-made objects. The grace and beauty emanated from the authentic forms of natural materials brings me instant delight. It's such a pleasure to work with my hands and the joyful process of creation brings me close to the wisdom of self-love and the love for the life of all. Now I would love to share my bliss with you here, as a designer's journey, through things to the heart, and vice versa.

I would love to give credit to the people who help me along the way by showcasing their facilities in this page, with the notation of the authenticity.


Textile Design

I used to be a commercial textile designer working for large corporates and producing home textile products that were sold at the major retail chains in the country. I made a career out of it and traveled around the world to collect inspirations, to learn the market demands and to implement the designs into products. To sum it up, I've learned not only to survive but succeed in the game of climbing up the corporate ladder. However, the satisfaction faded through time and the dissatisfaction reached the broiling point when I traveled to southeast of Asia to visit business partners and watched the land and the river being polluted by our need to create more meaningless stuff to sell for money. What is money good for, if not for the betterment of livelihood? It downed on me that our true livelihood was degraded by the process of chasing money meaninglessly. I quit my job while still on the road before returning to US. In the next 2 years I went through a major life transformation and now I live to showcase my truth. Beauty and abundance don't come from merely material gains but from one's own sincerity and awareness to the well-being of all. After realizing my true essence I can then co-create with Nature, to bring the real abundance to my life, and to the environment around me.

Indigo dye

I was just in Taiwan this April and visited an indigo plantation in a small village, where I learned the process of making organic indigo dye as well as the technique of all sorts of hand-dyed patterns on natural fabric. Indigo dye at this village is made with fresh leaves, soaked and drained to release the pigment into the dye bed. After many times of filtering and brought into an alkaline state, the fluid turns into a paste-like substance for easier storage. When it's ready for use as dye, the paste then be diluted into fluid in a dye bed.

deep blue beauty

I made this indigo dyed table cloth at the facility in Taiwan (the link to their Face Book page is bellow the video) with variety of dying techniques, and learned that in order to let the dye set in to the fiber, the repetitive steps of soaking the tied-up fabric into the dye bed and rinsing the fabric in cold water afterward - help the oxidation process, which is a magic show of seeing the transformation of colors from teal to deep blue. There's nothing more beautiful than to see Nature at play.


My indigo dyed table cloth.

My indigo dyed table cloth.

indigo dye making process 

Check out the Face Book page of this Taiwanese dye house: 卓也藍染


Mala Beads design

I enjoy all forms of meditations; especially the kinds that incorporate with music or rhythm. Some of my friends introduced me the teaching and the benefit of mantra chanting. I found it uplifting, and ever since I got myself a small basic mala bead necklace. The aesthetic of mala beads attracts and inspires me to create a series of design to incorporate with my textile creation. For now they are one of the kind, but I am considering to make limited quantity in the near future.